Mister O, by Lewis Trondheim (11 April)

Teehee. This little book was both fun and cute. Even Scott liked it! It was almost impossible to find in the children’s section, though, because all of those books are tall and thin like this one!

So. Our hero, Mister O, is a little stick figure with an O-shaped body who needs to cross a cliff gap. On each of 30 pages he tries a new way of doing so, with varying levels of failure. And failure there is. If you think you might feel squeamish about the death of a a circle with legs, you should probably not read this.

There aren’t any words in the book, and only a couple of pictorial exchanges of dialogue, so you can have fun making Mister O say silly things as he tries to fill the gap with tiny stones, tries to fly using large leaves, and steals some springs to use to jump across the gap. It’s a good time.

Rating: 7/10
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