Woman With Birthmark, by Håkan Nesser (7 June — 8 June)

Finally, a great book! I’ve been lacking them for so long….

I read this mystery without even looking at the jacket flap and I’m very glad of it; the flap would certainly have ruined a few interesting developments for me. So: go read it. Now. If you need more convincing, read on.

Woman With Birthmark is a mystery novel in which we meet the murderer in the first chapter but have no idea who she is, why she’s doing it, or even whom she’s going to kill. A few chapters later, we meet a man called Ryszard Malik who has been receiving odd phone calls that are simply a song recording being played over and over. Malik thinks he recognizes the song, but doesn’t understand its significance until it’s too late — so late that his wife comes home one night to find him dead in the entryway with two gunshot wounds to the chest and two to the, ah, groin. The police are called in and they do their best to solve this odd, improbable murder, but of course can’t make any connections until another man is found dead.

This is a Swedish novel from about ten years ago recently translated to English, so I’m not sure how much I’m missing due to a lack of Swedish culture — if you’ve any insight, you should let me know.

Rating: 9/10
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