Afterlife, by Douglas Clegg (13 October — 15 October)

I found this book on one of my local library’s blogs and I thought it would make a good RIP read — it’s a horror novel and it’s available free online. Brilliant!

Or not so.

The novel opens with a few brief glimpses of its themes: a scene at a government school called Project Daylight, a woman suffocating, a man being killed by someone reading his thoughts.

Then we meet the main character, Julie Hutchinson, a woman with some marital problems but an undying love for her kids. We soon find out that the dead man is Julie’s husband, “Hut” Hutchinson, which sucks for her. She goes through some depression about his death, seeing a shrink and trying to make sense of life without her husband. She also wants answers about his life — Was he cheating on her? To what lock do a strange set of keys belong? What really happened in the childhood he avoided talking about?

As Julie searches for answers she learns more about psychics, Project Daylight, and the weird things her husband can do, even after death.

This all sounds good, I guess, but I found it poorly executed. Clegg could have used an editor or three to clean up his sentences and check for continuity errors that can be glaring throughout the novel. I would have stopped reading it, but I really wanted to understand what was going on — but I still don’t know. Sigh.

Rating: 3/10
(Countdown Challenge: 2004, RIP Challenge)