Musing Mondays — Book Club

Today’s Musing Mondays question is… “Do you belong to any book clubs — face-to-face, or online? If so, how long have you been with the group(s)? If not, why?”

Book club! I love book club. I love book clubs, actually, as I am part of two lovely and wonderful groups.

The first group is one of my own devising, that I convinced a couple of college friends and my mother to start with me way back in the fall of aught-nine. We had a grand time reading and Skype-ing about and alternately loving and hating the chosen books for about a year, at which point all the grad-school kids got swamped with, like, real work and stuff and we had to take a year-long hiatus. But now we’re back (from outer space?) with more members and good books and I am very happy, because I heart my friends.

The second group is one here in Jacksonville, which I joined after eight months of being more or less a recluse in my new town. They were reading Middlesex, I love Middlesex, it was book club love at first meeting. We’ve read some stinkers, but the people who really hate a book are the ones who make the meetings hilarious, and because we meet in person we can always ignore the books in favor of food and tasty beverages. And just recently a bunch of us went to see The Hunger Games, a book club favorite, at the theater and it was a fantastic time.

In sum, books are wonderful and book clubs are a good way to read a book and make some friends at the same time.