Public library

Jacksonville Public Library
Readers Advisory 101 (link on request)
With the Readers Advisory Committee, I created a 90-minute Readers Advisory 101 training for all levels of staff at the library. My work on this training helped me win Employee of the Quarter in 2017.

Public Libraries Online – Articles, 2015-2018
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Jacksonville Public Library YouTube – Books On Belt, April 25, 2018
First Coast Living – Upcoming Books, January 4, 2018
The Chat – Friend Speed Dating, September 22, 2016

Academic library

Florida State College at Jacksonville
Deerwood Center Library Resources
A website for students at the FSCJ Deerwood Center. Students can learn about the Library/Learning Commons, watch or read tutorials covering commonly-used databases, and get links to good academic websites.

FSCJ Deerwood Center Library Learning Commons
The Deerwood Center’s home on Facebook. Provides news, events, and other information about the LLC.

Guide to the Library Learning Commons
An introduction to the Deerwood Center LLC and its services, made as an iBook for the LLC’s lendable iPads. Also available in .pdf form.

Guide to the LLC
An overview of the policies and offerings at the Deerwood Center LLC in brochure form.

Finding Library Materials
A quick guide to accessing books and DVDs within the library or via consortium loan or inter-library loan.

Get library eBooks on iOS
A visual guide to accessing EBSCO eBooks on iOS, the primary mobile OS at FSCJ.

Projects from library school

Alison McCarty, Aspiring Librarian
A portfolio website built in HTML and CSS.

Culminating Practicum, Summer 2010
Become an Awesome Nurse
A pathfinder of resources for aspiring, current, and recent nursing students.

How to get any item you want through the Twinsburg Public Library
A brochure on interlibrary loan services through the Twinsburg Public Library.

Library Services to Young Adults, Summer 2010
A pathfinder for teens to find resources on gay, lesbian, etc. issues.

Information Sources and Reference Services, Spring 2010
“That’s Due Tomorrow?”
A pathfinder for college students to find research materials in a public library.

Library Materials and Services to Adults, Spring 2010
Outreach Services in Libraries
A paper on the various types and uses of outreach in libraries.

The Public Library as an Academic Resource
A paper on outreach to college students using public libraries.

Information Technology for Library Professionals, Fall 2009
The Changing Face of Authority in Web Resources
A paper on how standards of authority are changing with the advent of web resources.

Foundations of Library and Information Science, Fall 2009
The Future of Librarianship
A short paper on what the future of librarianship might look like, focusing on expansion of reference services as well as the use of the Web and Web 2.0.

Management of Library and Information Centers, Fall 2009
Convergence of Philosophy and Methodology in Customer Service
A paper on the use of customer service policies in a library setting.

Access to Information, Summer 2009
Book Copyright in the Digital Age
This is a wiki, up to date as of 16 August 2009, that details aspects of digital copyright how it pertains to libraries.