Everybody Scream! Everybody Scream!

It is almost Hallowe’en, my second-favorite candy giving holiday (Valentine’s Day has better candy, fight me) and the best holiday for reading and watching all the spooky things. I did not get in on RIP this year for the first time in a very long time, but it’s fall so I’ve basically been playing along anyway. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

The Woman in Cabin 10I sat down one evening planning to get a start on my next book club pick, The Woman in Cabin 10, and then three and a half hours later I was finished with it and up about two hours past my bedtime. Oops! This book is a perfect pageturner with a pretty decent plot to go with it, where a potentially unreliable narrator sees a woman go over the side of her small cruise ship but can’t convince anyone on board to believe her. It’s easy to see a few ways that this plot could go, but I definitely didn’t guess the way it would go, or how well the author would tie the ending all together, a difficult feat with this kind of book. I enjoyed the heck out of it and if you’re looking for a quick creepy read before Hallowe’en this is a good choice.

More recently I started reading Provenance, the new Ann Leckie book, and although it is not nearly a pageturner it is quite good so far and makes me long for the days of the one-hour lunch break.

After the meh experiment that was reading the YA X-Files books, a friend mentioned some Audible-exclusive X-Files audiobooks and I was like, hey, I have Audible and a bunch of credits sitting around not doing anything. I listened to the first book, Cold Cases, pretty quickly and it was much more my style of ridiculous X-Files inanity and has the original actors reprising their roles, so, A++. I’m about halfway through the second book Stolen Lives, but it’s been interrupted for a slightly more Hallowe’en-appropriate audiobook.

GhostlandThat would be Ghostland, which I found in the following strangest way: I went to the gym, got on the elliptical, started my podcast, and was doing my thing, and then this lady gets on the elliptical next to me. She props a hardcover copy of Ghostland on the elliptical’s screen and proceeds to do absolutely nothing with it while instead reading something on her tablet, which she is holding with one hand up in front of her face. I kept looking over, sure she was going to fall off the machine, and eventually the cover of this book intrigued me so much that I found it on Libby, downloaded it, and started listening after my podcast ended and with 15 minutes left on the elliptical. It’s a pretty decent listen so far, with some cool facts about haunted houses and some interesting discussion of the racism of ghosts, and perhaps I will share all of these facts with the trick-or-treaters on Tuesday.

True story, I sat down a few hours ago planning to write this blog post while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, but then the movie was so engrossing that I couldn’t do anything else but watch it. It’s such a good movie, guys. If you haven’t seen it you absolutely should — I think it’s technically a Christmas movie so you still have time for it to be seasonally appropriate. And if you haven’t seen it in a while, watch it again. It’s still delightful.

I’ve also been keeping up with my TV shows and I will say that The Good Place is 100% back on my good list (ha), along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine (that Hallowe’en episode!) and Jane the Virgin. I also found this weird little horror anthology series thing called The House on Hulu that lasts maybe 30 minutes total and is worth about that much of your time, so. Not every episode is a winner but they all have some interesting bits to them.

Now I just need to acquire Netflix long enough to watch Stranger Things and I will be a happy lady!

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