RIP Sunday Update 6

It’s looking more and more like fall in Northern Florida… I’ve switched out my tank tops for short sleeve shirts on my morning runs and rides, and I have been wearing sweaters to work, even though it’s a little too warm when I come home. I do not care! It is sweater season and you can’t stop me!

It was also my birthday this week (is mah birfday!) and I weathered the well-wishes and ate lots of delicious foods and left work early on Friday because happy birthday to me! I also bought, for myself, four months ago, a fantastically perfect RIP-style present, which I will talk about shortly. To the week in review!

RIP XI artwork

I came home from my hurrication with no focus and a huge backlog of comics, so I read a bunch of them outside in the awesome weather. Beyond Belief was as delightful as anticipated, and Goldie Vance, while not quite what I was expecting, was pretty darn okay!

Aside from the comics, I’ve been plodding through that Welcome to Night Vale volume I mentioned last week. I did not realize it would be such slow going when I checked it out, but I am loving revisiting these episodes and catching things I might have missed the first time around.

Another episode of Welcome to Night Vale, of course, which is fun to listen to while reading the old ones and seeing how the show has pretty much stayed its weird old self all this time. I also listened to part of the first episode of the Night Vale crew’s new podcast, The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air), since it was in the Night Vale feed, but it was sadly not my style. I’ll wait around until season 2 of Alice Isn’t Dead for my Night Vale-adjacent fix.

Finally! As promised at the beginning of RIP, I have played a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill, with the new expansion that I bought four months ago and picked up when it released on Friday! If you haven’t played it, check out the Tabletop episode of it. Super fun! My friends and I have a weird relationship with Betrayal — we love the exploring and collecting and stat-boosting bits, but once that haunt comes around it’s hit or miss. It doesn’t help that we keep finding out we’re playing it wrong… after several games where the traitor seemed wildly overpowered, we realized we had misread the rules and were giving the traitor too many turns. When we played with the new expansion this week, the traitor seemed not to understand the core concept of his mission which was partly because his rulebook should have told him better what to do but also because the explorers didn’t wait until he got back to do some stuff, so he didn’t notice it had been done, and of course didn’t ask what was up with that. He still got to be killed by a pirate, though, and ended up winning like crazy, so I don’t think we messed up his day any!

What spooky things are on deck for you this week?

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