RIP Sunday Update 5

This has been a very weird and weirdly RIP-appropriate week for me. Hurricane Matthew came tearing, literally, up the coast of Florida and at first I was like, oh, great, this’ll be like Hermine and we’ll get a day off of work and I will read ALL THE BOOKS. And then it was decidedly not like Hermine and I got three days off of work and also I made my husband and kitties evacuate with me to the Florida Panhandle and we spent time minigolfing with friends instead of reading books. But now I’m home again, with a happily intact house and my regular weekend of reading ahead of me, so that’s definitely a win!

Aside from watching Matthew on the Weather Channel, let’s see what RIP goodness I’ve encountered this week:

RIP XI artwork

My review for The Trespasser is finally up, and it is such a good book, guys. You should go read it immediately.

I had meant to read the first Welcome to Night Vale compilation book, Mostly Void, Partially Stars as my hurricane read, but it turns out short podcast scripts that I’ve already listened to, while absolutely delightful, are not the engaging sort of read you need to ignore natural disasters. More on this when I’ve actually finished it, but so far it’s lovely.

Just the Weather Channel, here, but let me tell you, these guys know how to talk up a hurricane!

Another episode of Welcome to Night Vale graced my feed this week, and I was like, hey, is that Felicia Day guest starring? And it was. Excellent all around!

Less excellent was my attempt to listen to the radio adaptation of Neverwhere, which I got seven and a half minutes into and had to shut off because it’s kind of terrible. I couldn’t follow what was going on even when I stopped trying to fit it to the book, and it jumped around way too much to try to listen to while doing anything else, which is the only way that I listen to audiobooks. On the plus side, I got to use Audible’s Great Listen Guarantee and I was able to return it to obtain a credit for something better!

What creepy things are y’all up to this week?

2 thoughts on “RIP Sunday Update 5

  1. Kailana says:

    The remains of Matthew are headed our way. Hopefully it won’t be much of a story because the trees still have most of their leaves and I would like to have power…

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