RIP Sunday Update 4

Ermergerd, it’s October! Fall is thinking about peeking in here in Florida… the other day I walked home with a cool wind at my back and the sounds of marching band floating over from the high school, but during the day it’s still shorts and flip flops weather while I’m wearing work clothes, so. Thank goodness for RIP and the excuse to pretend there’s real fall outside!

After a slow start to the week, as I found myself stuck in a book that wasn’t working for me, things picked up in a whirlwind when an unexpected hold came in and dominated my reading time for a couple of days. What is that, you ask? Read on!

RIP XI artwork

I’ve been putting all sorts of RIP-worthy books on hold lately, knowing full well that I probably won’t end up reading them due to my giant stack of unread library books, physical and virtual. But thank goodness I did, because The Family Plot, by Cherie Priest, showed up on my Kindle right when I needed anything to read that wasn’t the book I had started earlier in the week. I balked at first at the writing style, which is just over my line for “flowery”, but the ghost story plot is solid and, as I said on Goodreads, sufficiently creepy that I had a hard time taking a shower the morning after I started it. If you’re looking for a quick RIP read, this is a good addition to your list.

Also this week I finally got around to reviewing the latter half of Locke & Key, though by “review” I mean “gush incoherently about” because loooooove. I’m hoping I can get around to the audiobook before the month is out, but it might end up waiting for a November road trip. Either way, you’ll hear about it here!

I managed another episode and a half of The Killing, season two, this week, and I am to the point in this season where everything’s gone completely off the rails and I have no idea how we’re going to get back on track. Or how they’re going to stretch this out to four seasons.

Speaking of four seasons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back and weirder than ever. Two episodes in, I’m sad about the apparent loss of all characterization, but this Ghost Rider business is intriguing, so… yay?

What sufficiently creepy things are y’all imbibing this week?

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