RIP Sunday Update 3

A quick post this week as I have been weirdly busy and/or unable to consume as many delicious RIP goodies as I want and/or need. Let’s have at it!

RIP XI artwork

Hey, there’s that review of Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d that I promised! As I said, it’s better than the previous book, but boy, I don’t know what to do with Flavia, or Bradley, for that matter. Keep reading books that drive me crazy, I guess?

Speaking of, can I count my reading of Arcadia, by Lauren Groff? The end of that book is certainly terrifying (a character slowly dies of ALS, probably not a spoiler), but the rest of it is just blaaaah. After finishing it, I’ve had a hard time getting into anything else, but I’ve got some delightful non-RIP picks on the horizon that should make life better. But that won’t provide fodder for these posts, so we’ll have to rely on…

The husband and I continued our venture into Penny Dreadful this week with three more episodes, and, um, I don’t know what is going on here. There’s some Frankenstein’s Monster fun times, which is great in its way; wolves and vampires; a séance that goes rather awry; awkward sexy times; and a full episode on the History of Vanessa, which includes further awkward sexy times and a story that just doesn’t quite make sense with what I know so far. The husband seems to be at least enjoying this, so we’ll probably watch a little more, but unless it gets much better I might have to quit.

Tell me what you’re consuming, so I can live vicariously!

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