RIP Sunday Update 2

Well, after last week’s post chock full of RIP goodness, I hit a bit of a wall in the “reads” department of RIP. I’m in the midst of a decidedly not creepy book for book club that is taking forever to read, and so that has taken all my reading time. On the plus side, I’ve gotten some excellent TV-watching in. Let me tell you all about it!

RIP XI artwork

The Killing
On Monday I found myself with a day off from work and a desire to do very little except catch up on chores, so while I folded laundry and swept and such, I watched, um, eight episodes of the second season of The Killing. If you haven’t heard of this, it’s a crazy-pants remake of a Danish crime drama. In the first season, we meet almost-retired cop Sarah Linden, who picks up “just one more” case before she leaves the Seattle PD for a life of love and wine in Sonoma. Of course, that’s not how it goes and instead Linden finds herself working a weirdly impossible-to-solve murder of a teenager, a case with potential ties to politics and the mob and danger in general.

This is one of those shows that probably could (should?) have been one season and done (I’m looking at you, The Following) — the first season finale could have gone either way to end or continue the show — but I think so far they’ve done a decent job on the storyline in the second season. What wins the show for me, though, is Linden — she’s kind of a terrible person and terrible parent and sometimes a terrible cop, but in general she tries hard to get the job done right and I am very much interested in seeing her find the killer. Knowing that this series goes for four seasons, though, I do wonder if we’ll ever get that payoff.

Penny Dreadful
My husband is not as obsessed with crime dramas as I am, but he likes to watch TV with me, so we’ve been picking at various shows on Netflix until real TV comes back soon. I saw Penny Dreadful on a list of must-watch shows and I figured, well, if I must, and we watched the first two episodes the other night. It was… good? It doesn’t seem to want to have a plotline outside of “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio”, but, I mean, I like a good vampire fight as much as the next person, so. I liked the first episode quite a bit, but the second episode made me fear that this show will be the Once Upon a Time of horror, introducing way too many characters to no good purpose. But the way that second episode ended, man, I’ll be back for more.

More Welcome to Night Vale this week, with a weird headphones-preferred episode that I thought mayyyybe they’d do a little more with but hey, still delightful.

Also, I haven’t listened to it yet, but after Kailana recommended it last week I did pick up the audio version of Locke & Key, and I just need to say how super excited I am about this. Now if I can just clear my podcast feed so that I have time to listen to audiobooks, I’ll be set!

One thought on “RIP Sunday Update 2

  1. Kailana says:

    PENNY DREADFUL IS SO AWESOME AND I AM SO HAPPY YOU AGREE SO FAR! *ahem* The other human in my house tolerated it and a lot of my friends seem to not like it… But I love it, so don’t mind me. lol

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