RIP Sunday Update 1

As I said on Friday, I’ll be stopping in here on Sundays to talk all things creepy and kooky for RIP. Let’s get started!

RIP XI artwork

I didn’t read them for RIP, but I have posts up about sufficiently RIP-y things!

At the beginning of September I posted about The Spire and MaddAddam, one a fantasy comic book about the dangers of prejudice and isolationism and the other the end of a trilogy of speculative fiction about a post-apocalyptic world. Both were pretty excellent.

This week, I posted about Neverwhere, and although I was kind of down about it in the review I ought to say that I did enjoy it, and am very much looking forward to listening to the radio adaptation.

For RIP, I’ve been a busy reading bee. So far this month, I’ve read six books, and five fit into RIP perfectly. I’ll have full reviews of these later, but here are some preliminary thoughts:

Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew’d, by Alan Bradley — The latest in the Flavia de Luce series of mysteries involving a precocious young chemist.
I have a love-hate relationship with Flavia that’s mostly been hate as of late, but I can’t help myself requesting the advance reader copies and then devouring them in hours. This one comes out on September 20, and the only spoiler I’ll give is that I was right; it could only be better than the last one.

Locke & Key, Volumes 4-6, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez — The latter half of an all-too-short comic series.
Guys, this series is just so good. And now I’ve finished it. And it was really good. I promise to have better words when I actually write this up.

The Trespasser, by Tana French — The new Tana French novel, obviously!
I basically never post a review on Goodreads before I post it here, because I like to give books time to simmer, but I couldn’t help myself giving this book a review of “!!!”. Yeah. This one comes out October 4 and I am so sorry you guys have to wait that long to read it.

No big thoughts here, but I have been listening to my favorite podcasts. The first of the month brought the most recent episode of Welcome to Night Vale, which was delightful as always. I’ve also been playing catchup on the episodes of Thrilling Adventure Hour from after its “ending”, which was clearly not an ending and I’ve been tricked. Regardless, “Beyond Belief” (which got waaaaay better after my first post about TAH) continues in the snarky horror tradition and I love it. And Paget Brewster. Mostly Paget Brewster.

I’ve just realized that most of my podcasts these days are about books or from NPR or both (!), so if y’all have any fun RIP podcast suggestions send them my way!

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