I was trying to be so on top of things, you guys. I’ve missed posting with the official start of RIP for the last few years and I swore I was going to get it right this year and post on September 1st and get “fall” (still in Florida, still summer) started the best way and then Hermine came and got me all confuzzled and then it was Labor Day weekend et cetera et cetera excuses excuses.


RIP XI artwork

Ah, yes. Much better.

So, as you may have guessed, Carl is back this year with RIP XI, the latest installment in my yearly reminder that I am getting older and also that I should read more creepy books. Let’s be honest, mostly the first one.

RIP is all about reading those fall-appropriate books — mysteries and horror stories and weird fantasy novels and everything that is best read with all the lights turned on and a mug of hot chocolate close to hand. Sure, I read those all year long, but they’re really just better this time of year.

As usual, I will be taking on several of Carl’s “Perils”, and as in recent years, I’ll be stopping in on the blog on Sundays to chat about them. These Perils cover books, short stories, movies and TV, and this year, to my great excitement, BOARD GAMES. You can bet I’ll be writing up a game or three of Betrayal at House on the Hill during this challenge.

Got any ideas for what I should be reading/watching/playing? I don’t have anything particular in mind, so I am open to all suggestions!

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