Weekend Shorts: Galaxy Quest and Find

Galaxy Quest #1, by Erik Burnham and Nacho Arranz
Galaxy Quest #1When I saw this comic on the shelf at my local shop, I maaaay have squeed. Galaxy Quest is the best, you guys. It’s such a perfect sendup of the Star Trek genre while also being a part of that genre, and it holds up even fifteen years later (crap, I’m old) as a pretty awesome movie on its own. I love it so much that I didn’t even open the book, I just bought it and put the rest of the series on my pull list immediately.

And so far, I totally made the right decision. The writing is spot-on to the style of the movie and the art is super pretty, although the characters are drawn juuuust different enough from their models that I’m like, wait, is that Tim Allen or Alan Rickman? Which is weird. But anyway. The story begins with the movie’s climax, wherein (15-year-old spoiler alert!) Tim Allen uses the Omega 13 to go back in time 13 seconds and save Sigourney Weaver. Buuuut it turns out that that 13-second rewind was not at all localized, and that it caused a rebel group which had just defeated its overlords to instead lose that battle and their leader. All parties involved had a sense of déja vu, and the rebels soon deduce that there must be someone who reset the timeline, and they’re gonna go kill him.

I am so excited for this but also disappointed that it’s only going to be four issues long. But if they’re all like this one, they’ll be four super awesome issues and I am totally okay with that.

Find #1, by Sam Read and Alex Cormack
FindThis book I was also really excited to pick up off the shelf, largely because the cover is so shiiiiiny. I gave it a cursory flip-through and the art looked real nice as well, and even better, the sales guy said it was a one-off. A comic I don’t have to read for a million years? Sold!

Sadly, it was not a winner for me. It started off pretty good — kid has a lame home life, loves comics, wanders off one evening and discovers an alien! A real live alien who is not unlike the kid’s favorite superhero, Captain Splendid! But now we’re already halfway through the story, and what’s left? A quick superflight, some amateur heroics, and the disappearance of the alien, who returns at the end of the kid’s long life to find out that the kid made good and went to space and is appreciative of his brief alien friendship.

It’s a cute story, and perhaps if you’re a person who has read comics all your life and has a similar nostalgia and appreciation for the ones you read as a kid, you will find more to identify with in this story than I did. But I kiiind of want my money back.

What stories are you reading this week that I should spend my money on?

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