RIP IXWell, this has been a pretty terrible RIP for me. I don’t know where my spooky spirit was this year — I’m blaming the weather and the two-week vacation in the land of spring (even though that spring weather was far more fall-like than my own fall weather!). I’m also blaming my relative lack of creepy reads on the fact that I spent almost half of my RIP weeks reading just one book. I shake my fist at you, Stephen King!

But really, I did pretty well. Here’s my rundown:

Peril the First
I said I’d read four RIP-worthy books, so I read… three RIP-worthy books. I came into the challenge strong, reading the unexpectedly creepy The Silkworm and the expectedly creepy Broken Monsters in short order, but then I took a break for honeymooning and came back to the three-and-a-half-week-long The Stand, and then RIP was over! But seriously, The Stand was like 1300 pages, so let’s pretend that counts for two? Yeah? No, probably not.

Peril of the Short Story
I downloaded a metric ton of creepy short stories to my Kindle, but I kind of didn’t get around to reading them. But hey, comics are awesome and short and they can totally count here! I read quite a few trade volumes this month that are RIP-ish, including Rocket Girl and Federal Bureau of Physics and maaaaybe Saga, which are all at least weird and often worrisome. This one’s a win!

Peril on the Screen
I managed to watch just one creepy movie this year, unless you count the ends of movies on AMC’s Fear Fest marathon that I’d find Scott watching when I got home. And I don’t, because the parts of Jason X and Halloween II that I caught were not remotely creepy. But Oculus was, actually, pretty creepy, even with the sound off, and I would definitely recommend that for midnight watching. In TV, I watched various seasons of Grimm and Hannibal, as mentioned, and I’ve been keeping up with the new seasons of Bones and Agents of SHIELD and am very excited about the new Elementary and Grimm episodes coming my way. I’d say I’ve gotten an eyeful of creepy this fall!

Strangely, I’ll probably be reading more mysterious and spooky stuff in the upcoming months, because that’s how I roll, apparently, so if you read or watched anything super awesome for RIP, let me know so I can add it to my list!

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