RIP Update

It’s been a bit quiet around here this week, as I only managed to schedule posts for the first week of my two-week vacation and decided to have fun in Australia rather than worrying about writing anything. Or even reading anything… I read a total of two books on the trip and neither were RIP-related, which is a shame because it’s spring in Australia and that’s closer to fall than I’m going to get here in Florida until, like, January. Pants and a sweatshirt?? My poor cold bones.

Even the penguins are freezing!

On the plus side, my vacation required a total of eleven flights (four out, four back, and three between cities), and there were free movies and TV shows to be had on almost all of them. Suuuper helpful for jetlagged eyes, and for getting in my RIP watches for the week.

Hannibal, episodes 1 and 2
HannibalI had heard about this show through a couple of friends who enjoy it, but I just knew that it was supposed to be good and it had Hannibal Lecter in it. So when it turned out to be about some probably unnecessarily autistic-ish FBI dude I was like, whaaaat. (I have only seen Silence of the Lambs.) But I was still intrigued. It’s a crime procedural with weirdly dead bodies (impaled by antlers in one and used to grow mushrooms in the other); what am I gonna do, say no? And eventually Lecter shows up, of course, and he is more than sufficiently creep-tastic, so I’m sure I’ll be catching up with this series soon.

OculusI didn’t intend to watch this movie, and my husband actually picked it to watch without me because he knows I’m not a fan of horror movies, but my eyes wandered over to his screen and saw Amy Pond buying a creepy mirror and I was like, well, I could read these subtitles for a while. And in fact it turns out that horror movies are way less horrifying with the sound off. (#lifehacks) I’m not sure how far into the movie I started watching, but I think it was pretty early on, and the gist of it is that Amy Pond buys a creepy mirror that her dad used to own before he brutally murdered her mother and was murdered by her brother and then Amy Pond went off to foster care and the brother to jail. Now the brother is out of jail and Amy Pond wants to prove that the mirror is haunted so she sets up a bunch of cameras and non-electric lanterns in the house and obtains a dog and some plants to power the mirror or whatever and her brother is like, you crazy, lady. But of course she’s not crazy, or she is crazy, but also the mirror is totes haunted and creeeeeeeepy things are happening in the house in the present that are dovetailed in with scenes from the past leading up to the horrible murders. The movie even almost sticks the landing, but it’s a horror film and really only has a couple of options for endings, so it’s not as awesome as it could have been. I think it would make a really intriguingly creepy book, but apparently this is one of the few movies not based on a book in some way, so I’m gonna need someone to go write that novelization for me, ‘kay?

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