My Drunk Kitchen, by Hannah Hart

My Drunk KitchenI was an early lover of My Drunk Kitchen, starting somewhere around episode 4, which features both champagne and cookies(-ish) and is therefore awesome. If you’re unaware of this series, it does what it says on the can: Hannah Hart drinks all the drinks while attempting to make a food. Some of the foods are successful, most are not; all are lacking an appropriate amount of cheese. The episodes are eminently quotable and surprisingly insightful about both cooking and life, and although I stopped watching MDK pretty early on in its run because of reasons, I was hopeful that this book would be as awesome as those episodes I loved.

Spoiler: it is, and in pretty much the exact same way. My Drunk Kitchen, the book, is ostensibly a cookbook but pretty much all of the “recipes” are either absolutely ridiculous (Pizza Cake, Stir Fries), just barely recipes (Adult Lunchables, Olive Stuffed Brie), or not at all recipes (String Cheese Theory, Sad Thai). I mean, some of them I’m totally going to make, but the recipes aren’t really the point. The point is the part between the recipes, where Hart talks about life and adulthood and relationships and being a good person using the terribly awesome recipes as incredibly strained metaphors for whatever she’s talking about. There’s lots of rambling and tangents and places where you know Hart’s editor was like, uhhhhhhh, and Hart was like, no, seriously, leave it in, the people are going to love it.

And I did, quite a bit, and am very nearly inspired to dive back into the My Drunk Kitchen/Harto empire except that that sounds like effort. If you’ve got any particular favorite episodes, though, you should send them my way and I will totally watch them.

Recommendation: Find this at your library and borrow the heck out of it, and then maybe buy yourself a copy if you need to know how to make sushi out of tortillas or shots out of hash browns.

Rating: 8/10

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