Weekend Shorts: X-Men #3 and #4

A super-quick update on my seemingly never-ending quest to get through my single issue comics. What are y’all reading this weekend?

X-Men #3: “Primer” Part 3 of 3
X-Men 3Well, I guess we’ve wrapped up the Arkea of the Borg storyline here, but there are certainly many questions left to be answered. In this installment, that ticking time bomb from last time fails to explode, but the X-Men hanging around the school are preeetty sure it did something super dangerous so they teleport it through space. As you do. I’m sure that’s going to come back later. The other group of X-Men has flown to Budapest, where this story began, to hunt down Arkea/Karima, and that part’s actually kind of boring so we’ll just go back to the school and oh, hey, giant explosion. I’m still feeling a little lost with the seven dozen or so characters who keep introducing themselves, one of whom is apparently named Bling which I just can’t even, but keep the very expensive kabooms coming and I’ll stick around a while.

X-Men #4
X-Men 4…She said, jinxing herself for the next issue. No kabooms here, at least not that we see, although our flying X-Men find themselves rescuing a passenger plane with a dead engine when forest fires take the local airfields offline. Anyway, there’s cool psychic ability stuff and Rogue borrows powers and Storm executes a dive I swear I just saw in Agents of SHIELD not long ago but it’s still awesome. Not sure what’s up with the plane and the fires, but maybe we’ll get to find out? Meanwhile, Jubilee and her stolen/adopted baby and Logan hang out in SoCal because reasons and Logan buys Jubilee’s childhood home. Fun?

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