Saga, Vol. 1, by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga, Vol. 1Even though I seem to be incapable of catching up with all of the single issue comics I’ve been buying over the last year, I got it into my head that I should and could totally start another series, for free from the library! Of course, see the first part of that sentence, so this particular book spent many months being renewed to the limit and checked in and back out until I finally decided that if I wasn’t going to read it now, it was never going to happen.

Part of my severe procrastination in reading this volume is that I really didn’t want to not like it. I had seen and heard this series talked about all over my favorite media, and everyone has pretty much agreed that it’s quite good. But on the other hand, it’s by Brian K. Vaughan, who wrote the Y: The Last Man series that I loved until I didn’t, and also the few panels that I had seen of the comic looked, well, a little too weird for me.

But, seriously, everyone was talking about it, and I am not one to get left out if I can help it, so now I can also say that I have read it. And that it’s quite good. I hope it stays that way!

First things first, yes, it’s super weird. The protagonists are a dude with horns and a chick with wings, and the antagonists include a robot prince with a monitor for a head and a chick with no arms but lots and lots of legs. We meet the robot prince mid-coitus, and later another antagonist goes to what is apparently a sex planet and we get many helpful illustrations of what goes on there.

But the story itself (so far) is pretty normal. Our protagonists are from two sides of a long war, and at the beginning of the book we are treated to the birth of their be-horned and be-winged daughter. No side of the war (and there are apparently many sides) is okay with this union, and so many people are sent out to kill our heroes, although at least some of the hunters are told not to kill the kid. So that’s interesting.

Also interesting is that the series is called Saga, and at certain points characters mention that the parents are ruining the “Narrative”, so I am intrigued to see what comes of that. And I am, as I was with Y: The Last Man, totally rooting for our protagonists and even a little bit for some of the antagonists, so it will be fun to see what horrors await them (I have been promised horrors!). Perhaps I’ll even find out in a timely fashion this time? A girl can dream…

Recommendation: For fans of Vaughan and strange worlds in general, and those with strong stomachs for sex and violence.

Rating: 9/10

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