RIP TV: Elementary

elementaryI promised to watch lots of TV for this year’s RIP, and I have to admit that so far it’s been super easy because Scott and I have been catching up on Elementary (which I didn’t even put on the list!) on demand. We had watched the first few episodes when they aired last year, but then we ended up doing other things and not having a DVR (so glad to have a DVR now!) and it fell off our list of things to watch. We won’t make that mistake again!

When the show first came out, I heard a lot of people whining that it was ripping off Sherlock, which, I mean, no. One, Sherlock Holmes has always been awesome and has informed basically every mystery show, so whatever. Two, you really cannot compare three 90-minute movie-type episodes to 20-whatever mystery-of-the-week 44-minute episodes. They are both, in my opinion, equally fantastic.

What I really very much love about Elementary (and let me state here that I am not done with the first season DO NOT SPOIL ME) is what they’ve done with Watson. Not just that they’ve turned him into Lucy Liu, which is amazing on many levels, but that they’ve given Joan Watson much more agency. The Watson who chronicles all of Holmes’s exploits and tags along and helps out when needed is pretty cool. This Watson, who doesn’t bother proselytizing the Church of Holmes (though she is certainly still a member) and becomes a pretty observant detective in her own right, is awesome — except for the part where she refuses to wear practical footwear. I know the woman owns tennis shoes. She should wear them more often.

I also, of course, love the mysteries, which are suitably insane and requiring of a consulting detective. There was the murder apparently committed by a woman in a coma, the robbery of a mostly-impregnable vault, the guy who thought he was somehow given an incurable genetic illness, the years-old bomb set off by pager… all strange and seemingly unsolvable cases but all of course solved by the right word or the right clue at the right time. And there are references to the Holmes canon cases, including the Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, which is like the weirdest case ever and which makes me a little bit sad that they came up with brand-new cases for this series. Just a little bit, though.

If it’s Sherlock Holmes, I’m in, but this is an especially good Sherlock Holmes, so I’m sticking around. How about you?

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