Sounds and Moving Pictures

So it’s been two weeks since my last post here, which seems like eight billion years in internet time. It’s not that I don’t have books and stories that I want to talk your faces off about, but instead that I have yet again embarked on the terrible journey that is called Having a New Job.

Having a New Job is always a bit exhausting, what with all the learning that has to get done, but this one’s a bit rougher on account of doing my training literally within sight of Georgia in a gorgeous historic town, which doesn’t sound too rough until you consider that I live on the complete other side of the next county over, so I’ve got two hours a day of just sitting in my car to contend with.

Although, actually, this can be nice because it means I can still listen to some of my beloved podcasts, if not all. Here are the best ones that made the cut:

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
I basically consider a week unstarted if I haven’t heard Carl Kasell’s voice reading ridiculous limericks, and also this show is helpful for keeping up with the news in Florida.

Pop Culture Happy Hour
My other NPR bookend, this show comes out on Fridays and includes lively discussion about TV, movies, books, comics, and German art song, which is basically all I need in life.

Literary Disco
This is a new podcast whose backlist I am currently working through — I picked it up because Rider Strong but I’ve stuck with it because he and his co-hosts have really awesome thoughts and opinions on books and stories.

ABC Book Review
I of course have to give some love to my awesome friends Beth and Cari up in Ohio, who delight me on a semi-regular basis with what always starts as book talk but often veers off into entirely different territory by podcast’s end.

Another book podcast of awesomeness, with three hosts whose tastes more or less line up with mine, except when one of them really likes Castle (it’s been four years and I am still not over it).

Books on the Nightstand
Because I don’t get enough talk of books in other podcasts or at work at the library. I love the way Ann and Michael interact with each other and with their audience, and how they provide a publishing perspective that I otherwise would not hear.

When I’m not working or driving slash listening to podcasts, I’m often trying to read but instead zoning out in front of my phone playing Candy Crush (sad but true) or in front of my giant television, which has been bringing me a couple of quality shows as of late!

Holy crap, Luther. I knew basically nothing about this show going in except that it was supposed to be fantastic. I have one episode left to go in season two and while I would say that whoever said “fantastic” was technically correct, I think the better term would be “absolutely batshit bonkers.” It all started off so normal, and now I am just like WTF basically every other scene. Every scene? Somewhere between those two. It’s a crime show about a detective (Luther) with Issues, and the first episode features Luther attempting to solve a surprisingly perfect murder. If intriguing murder mysteries are your thing (they are very much mine), I would recommend giving this a go.

Under the Dome
At one time in my past I was a devoted follower of the Church of Read it First, but then I realized that if the book is better, you should probably read it second so that you can like the movie or the TV show or whatever on its own merits. Also, sometimes I am too lazy for a Stephen King doorstop, or at least more than one in a twelve-month period. So when I found out that this show existed, I gave it a shot, and now I am kind of obsessed. I’ve heard other talking about how awesome the book is and how they’ve changed quite a bit between it and the series, so of course now I’m going to have to go read the book later, but I think the show is doing a fantastic job of killing me with tension. It’s also doing a good job of subverting my expectations with regards to several plot points, so it’s definitely a DVR keeper.

Someday I’ll get back to reading, but until then, do y’all have any suggestions for other things I can fill my commute and/or my brain-dead evenings with?

7 thoughts on “Sounds and Moving Pictures

  1. Jaye says:

    I have all of Under the Dome on my DVR, so I will catch up and then we’ll have a Sunday night show again maybe please?

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