Weekend Shorts: Wool #2 and X-Men #1

Short stories! Possibly not-so-short reactions to them! Happy Sunday, everyone!

Wool #2: Proper Gauge, by Hugh Howey
Wool #2You may remember that I read the first Wool story a month ago and was like OMGOMGOMG. I still feel that way about that story, and if you haven’t read it I demand that you go do it now. I’ll wait.

After reading that amazing story, I knew I was in trouble for the sequels. So I waited patiently, attempting to forget the details of the first story and calm my pants down in general, all the while reminding myself that this next story would be the beginning of a series rather than a standalone and that it would be different in many ways and so let’s maybe lower that expectations bar, okay?

It worked! Proper Gauge is very definitely a different story than the original, but I found it an excellent scene-setting and tension-building story, and I am glad that I got the omnibus from the library so I can go read the rest of the stories as soon as I finish writing about this one.

In this story, the events of the original have just happened and it’s time for the mayor to appoint a new sheriff. The deputy doesn’t want the job, but has someone in mind — a no-nonsense mechanic who lives at the bottom of this strange silo world. The mayor uses this nomination as an excuse to get out of her top-floor office and go see the world some, but as she and her deputy friend walk the many many stairs down to see this mechanic, they find out that a) she might not really want the job and b) others might not really want her in it.

It’s not, like, super exciting, but as the mayor heads down into the deeps we find out more about this weird silo business and how it works and how people interact and this is all stuff I was curious about after reading the first story so I declare it a good thing. The main plot details are pretty predictable (as are the knitting puns and the casual but hopefully not continual sexism) but I liked the way Howey made them happen. I am excited to see where this goes next!

Rating: 7/10

X-Men #1: Primer, Part 1 of 3, by Brian Wood
X-Men 1So even though I got into this comic kick with The Unwritten, this issue is actually my very first single-issue comic experience. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little shocked at how short these issues actually are! And now I have to wait a month for the next one! Disappointment, I have you.

I picked this up just yesterday, actually, and couldn’t wait to read it. I’ve always liked the idea of the X-Men, and have watched some movies and cartoons here and there, and when I found out that this new series would have a cast full of lady X-Men, I was like, well, you can have my money for at least this first issue.

And probably the next one, let’s be honest. This story starts off with some bacteria hanging out in the nothing before the something, and one kicks the other out of… whereever… into the somewhere else… anyway, not super important, basically there’s a dude and a chick and they’re siblings and the chick is set on revenge. Meanwhile, Jubilee is bringing a baby home from Bulgaria (as you do), and is also being followed by some creepy dude, and so she calls to let the other X-Men know about this and then Storm, Rogue, and Kitty Pryde come out to extricate Jubilee from a moving train. As you do.

That’s, I mean, that’s basically it, except for the reveals about who the mysterious people are, but hey, there’s a train! And it’s moving! Oh, and at some point it jumps track so it can be on a collision course with another train! So basically I am totally happy. Two thumbs up!

Rating: 7/10

2 thoughts on “Weekend Shorts: Wool #2 and X-Men #1

  1. Carl V. Anderson says:

    Yes, getting in on the single issue train is an exercise in patience, and is not too kind on the pocketbook either. I am interested in this new run of X-Men, largely because I like the writer, but I’m not sure I’ll spend the money right now.

    Glad you are enjoying Wool. It remains one of my favorite reads of all time. Was just listening to the Sword and Laser podcast yesterday where they were talking about how quickly they tore through the book for this last month’s read and I was smiling the whole time, knowing just how captivating Howey’s story is. And the Shift books are proving every bit as exciting.

    • Alison says:

      Well, pretty much everything else I read comes from the library, so I figure I should be spending money on something

      I want to tear through the book, but I am forcing myself to take a few days off in between stories so I can attempt to appreciate the stories as written. This plan may not last through the whole series. 🙂

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