Wool #1, by Hugh Howey

Wool #1I… I might be in love with this story. You can marry stories, right? And still be married to your husband? I’m pretty sure bigamy is okay if it’s with words. Don’t tell me otherwise.

Ahem. Right. Anyway. So I was a bit… not spoiled, that’s not the right word, maybe more like unprepared? Sure. I was unprepared for this story going in because I knew, and now you know, that it’s the first story in a series of short stories (sounds familiar…). I had seen a few things (read: a lot of things) about Hugh Howey, self-publishing superstar, and the omnibus edition being published by a “real” publishing house, and I thought the series sounded kind of interesting, and then I saw that the first story as an ebook was free on Amazon (still is, as of this writing), and I was sold and I read it and I got to the end and I was like, wait.

So it turns out that this particular story was originally just the one story, start to finish, holy crap awesome, and then it turned out so awesome (awesome!) that Howey was like, I guess I could write another one. Or four. (This is also how we got the Thursday Next series.) So if you go into this expecting, say, a cliffhanger ending or the start to a story arc, you will be disappointed. By that. Not by the story. The story is awesome.

Sorry, I know that this is terrible, what I am doing, calling this story awesome and thereby overinflating your expectations, and now you will read the story and be like, well, I guess that was okay? But I cannot help it, so if you are planning to read this story, just take all of my awesomes and turn them into, like, pretty okays. Decents. Not bads.

I really went into this story more or less unknowledgeable because I smartly forgot why I thought the series was interesting (the upside to terrible long-term memory?), but if you require more motivation than repeated use of the word awesome, here’s what I will give you:

There’s a dude, and he lives in some sort of silo, and he’s decided that he wants to go outside, which is apparently not a good idea in this possibly post-apocalyptic world in which people live in a silo.

That’s it, that’s all you get, because anything else is just going to spoil things for you because this story is like 50 pages long and kind of runs on suspense. Just go read it! It’ll take you not very long.

And then come back here and talk to me about this story because omg I need to say more words about this thing!

Recommendation: What do you think?

Rating: 10/10

5 thoughts on “Wool #1, by Hugh Howey

  1. Cory Hersh says:

    No, no: you’re right. The story is unflinchingly, unashamedly awesome. I don’t think that the sequels quite measure up to this first installment, but I fell for the whole series hardcore.

    • Deborah Beirne says:

      Okay, that was Ah-may-zing! Loved it! Lived up to my increased expectations. Can’t decide if I want to find the other ones and read them too. My library only has the first one.

      • Alison says:

        Excellent! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 I think I may hold off until my library buys the omnibus edition, because it’s not like I don’t have other things to read while I wait!

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