The Human Division Parts 4 & 5, by John Scalzi

I have more thoughts on these delightful Human Division stories! I know you’re shocked.

#4: A Voice in the Wilderness

A Voice in the WildernessSo clearly Scalzi is doing a thing here, alternating the main space plot with a story from somewhere else. But unlike Walk the Plank, which I found weird and not easily read by itself, this story is kind of fantastic in its own right. The focus is on a radio personality not unlike Rush Limbaugh whose ratings are not doing so well. So he makes an agreement with a shadowy person to talk up the Colonial Union in exchange for fame and fortune, but as one might expect things don’t go exactly as planned. I liked the way this story took on journalism and pseudo-journalism and the way that history is so dependent on what people say about it; it reminds me of not a few stories I had to write in a certain way when I worked in newspapers and makes me feel a little better for getting out!

#5: Tales from the Clarke

Tales from the ClarkeMan, I don’t even know what’s going on in this main space plot anymore. There is all sorts of subterfuge and intrigue and it’s awesome but I really don’t have any idea how this is going to work itself out. In this installment, we have our B-Team friends fixing up a junker ship to sell to some humans as a gesture of goodwill, but when the humans show up there’s something… off about them, as evidenced by baseball (yay baseball!). I’m interested to see how our friends continue on after learning what they do about those that command them, but I guess I have to wait two more stories to find out…

Rating: 9/10 and 8/10, respectively.

2 thoughts on “The Human Division Parts 4 & 5, by John Scalzi

  1. Carl V. Anderson says:

    Great thoughts on both stories. I thought the journalism story line worked great because it is something we are so familiar with in our time and there is no logical reason to believe that the future won’t continue to be filled with blow hard journalists on each side, or every side, of the political spectrum. It certainly upped the stakes as far as what the shadowy folks in this story are willing to do to further their agenda, whatever that may be.

    It was nice to get back to the folks from the Clarke. I enjoy that cast very much and it is a pleasure each time the story gets back to focusing on them. I suspect that, regardless of how this whole thing plays out, I’m going to be left wanting a new series to come out with the Clarke crew.

    Loved the baseball inclusion in Tales from the Clarke. It was fun at the expense of the Cubs and Cub fans, but fun nonetheless.

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