Pride and Prejudice, adapted by Nancy Butler

Pride and PrejudiceYou may remember that I finally read Pride and Prejudice last year, after many failed attempts, and I thought it was pretty okay. But this year I’ve fallen in love with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is a modern-day YouTube adaptation of the series which is sarcastic and funny but also depressingly realistic re: jobs and the economy. I adore it, you’ll adore it (I hope), go watch it.

But I have this failing memory when it comes to P&P, to the point that I know I’ve watched the Keira Knightley version but can’t remember a second of it, and so there are a few parts in the videos that leave me wondering if they were actually part of the book or how they were updated for this series. And while I did end up liking the book after listening to it, I am not doing it again no thank you, too stuffy and boring.

So when I saw this graphic novel on a list of great P&P adaptations somewhere, along with The LBD, I was like, score! It will be pretty and fun and not nearly as long as the original!

Well, it was the last one, at least.

Like many other readers I’ve come across, I was mislead by the art on the cover, which is simple and kind of… not childish, but like art you would see in a cool children’s book, maybe. That’s just the cover, though; the art inside is more elaborate and pouty and adult and I wouldn’t have been surprised to find out that this book was secretly porn or something. Not quite what I was expecting!

Pride and Prejudice interior art

And as for being an adaptation, the author says right up front that she couldn’t do any better than Austen’s original words, and as far as I could tell every sentence of dialogue or description is lifted verbatim from the original text, or at least it seems equally as boring. What’s worse is that this is supposed to be, you know, a graphic novel, and yet there are just so many words crammed into every panel! Sigh.

So… yeah. It’s still the same story you know and may love, so unless you’re like me and cannot make it through the book this is probably not the adaptation for you. Do any of you guys have thoughts on a better P&P shortcut?

Rating: 5/10

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