The Woman Who Died a Lot, by Jasper Fforde

The Woman Who Died a LotI’m pretty sure I’ve used up all of the words to describe Jasper Fforde and his wonderful and delightful books. So I’ll just have to repeat myself: LOVE.

At this point in the series, it’s hard to explain what’s going on without starting way back at the beginning, so just be warned that the rest of this post may be baffling.

Soooo, Thursday is still a badass, but a badass with a limp from some event that I don’t remember and am not sure if I should. She thinks she might be in the running to head her old literary detective SpecOps division, but instead she gets to run the city’s library services, which are decidedly more… aggressive… than any I’ve ever worked for! And of course right away she’s got more than just cataloging to worry about, as Jack Schitt shows up stealing completely unimportant books, and also her consciousness keeps getting stolen by her own doppelgangers, and also an old enemy is confusing her, and also God is pissed off at everyone who believes in him and is smiting cities and possibly soon Thursday’s brother if Thursday’s daughter can’t stop it, and also Thursday’s son is having problems after time travel stops working.

Right. Yes. All of that.

And of course Jasper Fforde turns a great phrase as always, so the book goes fast and delightfully. Perfect brain candy after those two doorstops I just trudged through!

Rating: 8/10

5 thoughts on “The Woman Who Died a Lot, by Jasper Fforde

  1. Carl V. says:

    I’ve got to get caught up with this series at some point. I’ve read the first three and enjoyed them very much. Fforde has a great sense of humor and these books are a dream for book lovers with all the literary references. I’d also like to re-purchase all these books with the Thomas Allen covers, I really enjoy his work.

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