RIP is over; fall is here!

The weird thing about doing RIP in Florida is that for most of those two months I’m reading spooky novels set in drafty old houses or whatever while still maintaining a suntan and running the air conditioning. But Mother Nature (and possibly a bit of Sandy?) stepped in at the last minute to make my Hallowe’en week relatively freezing. I’m talking sweater weather, people! It has been lovely.

Wednesday night was especially fun; Scott and I went over to his uncle’s house to pass out candy since all the kids in our apartment complex skedaddle to real neighborhoods to trick-or-treat and since Scott’s cousin is five and is the adorable-est and we don’t spend nearly enough time with her. Last year she got scared by a costume that a lot of people were wearing, so we didn’t see her much, but this year she made it through the candy-getting portion of the evening just fine and decided to help us out with the candy-giving portion afterward. She made sure to give everyone exactly two pieces of candy, but we still managed to run out of a giant tub of fun-size candy bars as seen in the awesome phone picture below.

Alison and Scott

Seriously, I do not know where all the candy went. There were a lot of kids out, apparently!

I had tried to finish off RIP the right way by finally getting around to the rest of The Graveyard Book on audio, but apparently I did a terrible job of ripping the CDs and several of the tracks were three seconds long instead of three minutes, so that didn’t happen. Instead I convinced Scott to watch Clue with me, which was awesome for me because OMG Clue, but Scott was like, it’s okay.

I was thinking about posting a review of the movie like I did for Dial M for Murder, but that review would basically be a list of all the delightful quotable bits of the movie, which is basically the entire movie, and that just didn’t seem exciting. But really, if you haven’t seen Clue, go do that, because it’s wonderful. It’s possibly more delightful the second or fifth or hundredth time, though, so if you have seen Clue, go watch it again. It’s on Netflix streaming as of Hallowe’en, so you have practically no excuse.

To make a long story short (too late!), the weather forecast is predicting temperatures not conducive to hot chocolate drinking for the next couple of weeks, but fortunately I still have a pile of not-yet-read RIP books to keep me company until the library demands them back. And then I’ll just add them to the list for next year! So thank you, Carl, for keeping my imagination cool and terrified; I can’t wait to do it again. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “RIP is over; fall is here!

  1. Carl V. says:

    Yes, that is one of the hard things about hosting seasonal-inspired reading challenges because as host it is only really guaranteed to be seasonal for me. And with climate change even that is no longer guaranteed! I’m glad you got a bit of Autumn in time for Halloween though, that is great.

    I don’t think I’ve seen Clue since it first came out in the theater. I should catch it again sometime.

    I too have piles of unfinished, unstarted really, books that will be waiting for me for next year’s R.I.P. Thanks so much for taking part and getting into the spirit of it even when the weather didn’t comply. πŸ™‚

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