Books I Put on Hold This Week

This week’s theme is apparently “Books I Do Not Know Anything About.” But that’s okay, because sometimes it’s the books I go into blindly that end up being the awesomest! (She said, optimistically.)

Shadow ShowShadow Show, ed. by Sam Weller. Well, so, first of all, who can resist that cover? Very cool. Second of all, who can resist the call of Ray Bradbury? Not these authors, apparently, and since I love me some Atwood, Gaiman, and Niffenegger, I can’t imagine I’m not going to have a fun time with this collection. And it’s a perfect read for RIP! Isn’t serendipity wonderful?

Cloud AtlasCloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. I think I had vaguely heard of this novel when it came out, but I had no interest in it at the time. Then I saw a blurb about the upcoming movie in an Entertainment Weekly I had bought to stave of airport boredom, and the movie looked kind of weird and not like something I would really want to see. But then I saw that the book apparently goes back and forth between time and narrator and I was like, oh, reeeaally? I am such a sucker for that, and I’m more willing to put up with weird in books than movies, so I guess I can give this one a try!

The Prisoner of HeavenThe Prisoner of Heaven, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Okay, seriously, I can’t tell you anything about this one, except that I loved Ruiz Zafón’s The Shadow of the Wind and thought The Angel’s Game was pretty okay, and so therefore I am reading this one. Okay, let me cheat and go look up a summary… aha! Our friend Daniel from the first novel is back in his rightful spot as protagonist, and I am promised a “mysterious stranger” and a “dangerous adventure.” Well, that settles that.

What are you guys waiting for this week?

5 thoughts on “Books I Put on Hold This Week

  1. Carl V. says:

    I put Shadow Show on hold at the library too. And The Aviary by Kathleen O’Dell (one of those I’ll be going into blind simply because I love the cover).

    I need to get off my duff and finally read Zafon. I have two copies of Shadow (on collectible from Subterranean Press) and I won a signed collectible Sub Press edition of The Angel’s Game from Patrick Rothfuss’ fundraising auction earlier in the year.

    • Alison says:

      Oh my goodness, yes, go read The Shadow of the Wind right now! It’s perfect for RIP, even! The Angel’s Game was different but also pretty good. Also, I am incredibly envious of your fancy editions.

      • Carl V. says:

        Yes, I know. Its just my aversion to chunksters that kicks in. It is the same reason that books like The Historian stay on my list year after year.

        • Alison says:

          Are they long books? Is it sad that I don’t remember? Am I going to tell you to read them anyway? (I imagine these questions all have the same answer!)

          • Carl V. says:

            I’m not sure Shadow is that long, but my hardback copy just looks thick. I prefer a book to be less than 400 pages mostly because I can usually get through that at a fairly good clip. But the fact is that every time I’ve read a good long book I’ve enjoyed every moment spent in it, so my aversion is completely irrational.

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