Books I Put on Hold This Week

Wow, I feel like I haven’t been around here in ages! I just got back from a fantastic tiny-cruise-ship vacation to Glacier Bay in Alaska, which I must say I highly recommend, largely because I was too busy having fun to get any reading done. Weeeellllll, okay, I did read quite a bit, but it was in The Stand, so even though I read like 500 pages I am far from finishing that one. 🙂

But mostly I was doing this:

Kayaking in front of Lamplugh Glacier
No big.

Anyway, my point is that when I got back to the library there were tons of new books to put on hold, and so I did just that! Here is a sampling of interesting things:

The InvestigationThe Investigation, by Philippe Claudel. Well, so, first, that cover! So cool. And then there was the description, which sounds incredibly boring: “The Investigator is a man quite like any other. He is balding, of medium build, dresses conservatively—in short, he is unremarkable in every way. … The Investigator’s train is delayed, and when he finally arrives, there’s no one to pick him up at the station. It is alternating rain and snow, it’s getting late, and there are no taxis to be seen.” Are you yawning yet? But the book jacket also promises me something akin to Kafka, Beckett, and Huxley, so I’m pretty sure that tedium is going to lead to something quite intriguing.

The Other Woman's HouseThe Other Woman’s House, by Sophie Hannah. I feel like I’ve heard of Sophie Hannah before, and I feel like whatever I heard of her made me not want to read her stuff. If that’s the case, don’t tell me, because this book sounds really interesting and I’d like to give it a fair shot. In this one, some lady is browsing real estate listings when she comes across an image of a horribly dead person in one of the houses. But when she tries to show someone else the picture, it’s mysteriously devoid of dead body. What the what?? Tell me more!

Other Worlds Than TheseOther Worlds Than These, by John Joseph Adams. I love me some parallel world stories, and someday I am going to read another short story collection — hey, maybe it’ll be this one! I love the theme, and I am intrigued to see what these authors have to offer. I obviously enjoy me some Stephen King, but I’m more excited about the authors I’ve been meaning to get around to reading but haven’t: George R.R. Martin, Ursula K. LeGuin, Catherynne M. Valente.

What books or kayaking adventures are you looking forward to this week?

2 thoughts on “Books I Put on Hold This Week

  1. Redhead says:

    sigh. I want to go to Alaska! I gotta visit my sister in law who lives there, but she lives way, way up there, so maybe a vacation area is better?

    I SO want to read that John Joseph Adams anthology. I heard an audio of the Seanan McGuire, and it was incredible. You’ve got to read that entire book right now, and tell me how it is!! and it’s got the new Valente!

    Alison, you’ll get a kick out of this – I was at the library today, and found some stuff I wanted, but really, really wanted a Mira Grant book. they had every Grant title except the one I needed, but a ha! one of the branch libraries had it! so I checked out by books, and drove across town to the other library, and got my Mira Grant fix! I could have just put the book on hold and had it waiting for me at the local library next weekend, but NOPE, i wanted it NOW, because I iz a book fiend.

    • Alison says:

      Alaska is amazing! I don’t know about upstate, but if you have a chance to visit Glacier Bay you must!

      And I’m glad you approve of my book choice! It looks pretty darn sweet.

      And and, hooray for impromptu library roadtrips! I don’t do too much of that anymore, but I remember in grad school I spent a lot of time tracking down books in various cities. Now I’m just lazy. 😛

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