Booking Through Thursday — Quotes

Today’s Booking Through Thursday is an easy one: “Do you have a favorite quote from a book?”

Why yes, yes I do. I used to keep better track of awesome book quotes, but I can tell you with certainty two of my favorite quotes, as they’re still hanging around on my Facebook page even if no one can really see them anymore. Neither is terribly upbeat, I notice, but they’re both awesome nonetheless.

“The world is unkind to the shoeless and frolicsome.”
This quote, from my beloved The Manual of Detection, comes after this beautiful passage about shoes and polished floors and socks and you should go click on that title and read it because I had to share it then and I have to share it now.

“Danger doesn’t brush her teeth, and probably has rabies.”
This is another quote I just had to share after reading. It comes from The Mischief Maker’s Manual, specifically a passage recounted here about staying away from danger, for realsies! It’s basically a fantastic life motto, and you should adopt it.

What are your favorite quotes?

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