Books I Put on Hold This Week

I have this pile of books in my house and I don’t even want to read anything out of it. I mean, I do, but not enough to actually pick up a book and open it. I need an exciting book in my life… perhaps one of these will do?

Broken HarborBroken Harbor, by Tana French. Seriously, is it the end of June yet? I absolutely loved French’s books, and though I was underwhelmed by the third because of its different tone, I am more than willing to give French another chance. If you haven’t read any of French’s previous books, you’re in luck, as this “series” is more a collection of standalone books with common characters, so you’ll be coming into the book with about as much knowledge as anyone else.

The Man from Primrose LaneThe Man from Primrose Lane, by James Renner. I actually put this on hold a while ago, but apparently I never mentioned it! I saw this cover and I was like, hmmm, interesting, okay, but then I saw that this book is set in my beloved Northeast Ohio and it was over, I was sold. Well, okay, it also helped that it’s a mystery and apparently a bit sci-fi as well, and that the title character is apparently a man who wears mittens all the time. You know I like a weirdo.

This Is HowThis Is How, by Augusten Burroughs. I know next to nothing about Augusten Burroughs, but Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog had a few “Ask Augusten” columns by him last month and the answers he gave were highly amusing and useful. So when This is How ended up in my hands for cataloging, I was like, fine, universe, I’ll read this book. Eventually.

What are you guys waiting on?

4 thoughts on “Books I Put on Hold This Week

  1. Cari says:

    I neeeeeeed to read Broken Harbor before the baby comes!! I’m surprised you’re still waiting for The Man From Primrose Lane… not that many copies in the system, huh? I’m actually not on hold for much right now… I need to get through the ARCs on my Nook before they expire. I’m reading really slowly right now because of other obligations, which is depressing. Think I’ll go on a binge for at least a week before my due date.

    • Alison says:

      You do! Is it (he? she?) going to wait that long? And there are a few copies of Primrose lying about, I just have it suspended because I thought I was going to read my giant pile of books first. Best-laid plans and all that.

      Also, ARCs! Anything good coming out soon?

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