You’re Not Doing It Right, by Michael Ian Black

You're Not Doing It RightLet me just say right away that this book was really not what I expected, and thus I was not a huge fan. I was expecting something like Bossypants or Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (which I conveniently talked about last week) or anything by David Sedaris — humorous essays, a few good chuckles, and a new appreciation for Michael Ian Black.

This expectation was not helped by the fact that I heard Black read most of a chapter called “I Hate My Baby” on NPR a few days before I started the book. I thought that that chapter was greatly amusing and chuckle-inducing, and I appreciated Black for affirming my belief that I am going to want to kill my hypothetical child for not sleeping like a human. (He says it gets better but I totally don’t believe that.)

That chapter was awesome. The rest of the book? Not a lot of funny. Black talks a lot about how he met his wife as the “other man” and got married and made babies and stopped wanting to be married so much and took to drinking and became addicted to Ambien and if any of it is supposed to be funny it is not coming across in the text. The blurbs say it’s funny! Does Black read his own audiobook? -checks- He does. Maybe I should go check that out.

I can definitely see how I would have liked this book more if I had known how it would go and planned accordingly, like not reading it on a long boring road trip. If anyone listens to this, let me know if that’s a better idea!

Rating: 7/10

2 thoughts on “You’re Not Doing It Right, by Michael Ian Black

  1. Book Nympho says:

    Expectations can really affect your enjoyment of a book. Do you usually read reviews before you start reading to find out what a book is about? I’ve started doing that just so this doesn’t happen because it has on many occasions when I was clueless about the tone or content of a book I probably would have enjoyed otherwise.

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