The First Two Weeks

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’ve started a new job as a librarian at the local state college (like a community college, but with more four-year degrees). It’s part-time, so I’m actually still doing my old job at the public library as well, cataloging things and whatnot, but it is so fabulous to finally be able to say “I’m a librarian” when people ask what I do, instead of, “I work in a library.” I didn’t spend all that money on a master’s degree for nothing! Hurray!

So, job title, awesome. And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve had this since my first day:

My fancy office!
It’s an office! With a door! And a window! And my name on it! Eeeee! AND I got a box of business cards so large that there is no possible way I will ever run out of them, unless I start using them for origami or something. This is a good idea. I will look into it.

So, fancy things, awesome. But how am I liking the job?

Oh my goodness, it’s fantastic. I’m a librarian! I get to play in a library all day! And I get to show other people how to play in a library all day, because we encourage the professors to bring their classes in for tours and lessons on using the catalog and databases, so I’ve gotten to show a lot of kids where the books live and how to use filters on their search results and how to figure out what they’re actually searching for and you’re probably like, nerd, which is true. I was disappointed on Thursday because I found out that most of the databases my library subscribes to are available through an Android (and iOS) app, but the orientation I thought I had didn’t actually exist so I couldn’t show the app off to the students. So I just played with it myself for twenty minutes. I would strike that last sentence but it amuses me.

I totally love my job. Even when I’m just telling students where to go get a student ID so they can come back and use the course reserves or the printer or whatever, I love that a) they’re asking me that question because b) I know the answer. And I find it gratifying when a student that has come in for a tour or a database lesson comes up to the desk and asks for clarification on a point I made earlier. I’m like, you were listening! And you want to know more! You are my new best friend! I only have a couple new best friends, but that’s more than I was expecting in the first two weeks. 🙂

Soooooo yeah! That’s my fortnight, it’s been pretty good. Keep your fingers crossed that all my future ones are equally awesome!

3 thoughts on “The First Two Weeks

  1. Emily Barton says:

    Congrats and hurray! I’m back putting the MLS I earned nearly 20 years ago to work, only part-time for now, in a public library, and I’m absolutely LOVING it, too. I hope the feeling lasts.

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