Plans for the New Year

Happy New Year! Okay, I guess that’s -checks watch- eight days late, but I’ve been busy filling my yearly snow quota in Cleveland during that time. So… Happy New Year!

New years are generally met with me making grand plans for myself and hoping for the best, but this year is going to be a little different since as you read this I am starting my new job! -flailing Muppet arms- Yaaay! Here’s what you can probably expect from me this year, though I reserve the right to become more ambitious as the year goes on:

Fewer book reviews. Unlike my last new job, this one is not so much going to give me time to listen to audiobooks, so I am preparing myself to read about half the books I read last year (of which there were 94) and aiming for 50. I got a little reading done on my vacation, so I’m off to a good start!

More library-related things. Since I’ll be replacing listening with librarianing, you can expect more stories from the library — I’m hoping to bring you some fun reference questions and more amusing book covers.

Fewer challenges. I made a terrible showing at my year-long challenges last year, and reading less isn’t going to help, so this year I am forgoing those long challenges that get procrastinated in favor of more short-term challenges like RIP. Ideas?

More general awesomeness. There’s a lot of less up there, but I can only imagine that I will make up for the lack of quantity with a huge (well, maybe not huge) influx of quality.

Here’s to an awesome year!

2 thoughts on “Plans for the New Year

  1. raidergirl3 says:

    Overall general awesomeness should be easy!

    There is Orange January and Orange July – reading Orange Prize nominated or winner books.
    Paris in July – read books set in Paris, watch movies, cook French food – all things French in July

    Venice in February is the same idea – books set in Venice read during February.
    There should be a Mayhem in May challenge for reading murder mysteries. I might try to organize that one.

    There are more of these types of reading events beginning to happen.

    I didn’t realize you were a librarian. Martha Baillie has written a wonderful book about/narrated by a librarian – The Incident Report. You might like it.

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