Six more reasons to keep me away from cataloging!

I know, you’re like, “Just six? Not eight? Thirteen?” And I am like, dudes, this would be so much worse if I hadn’t figured out how to keep all of my holds from coming to me all at the same time. I think I have about eight queued up just right now to come to me in January!

Also, this pile is much better because I’ve actually finished half these books already! Go me!

Here’s what we’ve got:

1. Small Space Decorating, from Better Homes and Gardens. This is one I’ve read through already β€” I’ve got a smallish space and I have really no idea what to do with it, so picking this one up made lots of sense. There are lots of interesting ideas for maximizing storage space and making rooms look larger, but unfortunately not a lot of ideas for what I can do within the parameters of my existing furniture, my smaller-than-their-spaces space, and my current lease agreement. I will definitely go back to this if it’s ever time to throw out all my furniture and just start over, though!

2. Upcycling, by Danny Seo. I found myself paging through this instead of working, so of course it ended up coming home with me! My dear Scott is a big ol’ packrat, so I figured it might be a good idea to make something useful out of all that stuff he hoards. πŸ™‚ A lot of the stuff in the book is a little too purely decorative for me, but I’m definitely going to copy out the instructions for a wine-cork bathmat, glass bottle plus take-out chopsticks diffuser, and the take-out chopsticks trivet… and maybe get around to making them sometime.

3. Geek Girls Unite, by Leslie Simon. I just finished this one, so expect a real review in a couple days. But here’s why I picked it up: nerd glasses on the cover, the tagline “How fangirls, bookworms, indie chicks, and other misfits are taking over the world,” and the name-dropping of Amy Poehler, Felicia Day, and Zooey Deschanel on the back cover. Could you help but be intrigued? I think not!

4. Physics on the Fringe, by Margaret Wertheim. I’ve mentioned my love of physics in previous installments of this series, and so, really. It’s got a pretty cool cover, but what really interested me is that this book talks about “outsider physicists,” who are not generally academics or even degreed physicists but who make awesome giant smoke rings in the back yard with a fog machine and some garbage cans. That’s cool physics and I am excited to learn more.

5. Those Across the River, by Christopher Buehlman. It is possible I am just a sucker for a sufficiently creepy, backlit, leafless tree. This book has two of them on the cover, and also sufficiently creepy, backlit, Southern woods on the endpapers. And that’s almost enough for me! I nearly did decide to just let it go, but then I read the jacket copy, which promises small-town intrigue and a mysterious presence, and I was so in.

6. The Language Wars, by Henry Hitchings. As you may already know, if there’s any non-fiction topic I’m a sucker for more than popular science, it’s language. So of course this title grabbed my attention right away. It’s subtitled “A history of proper English” and purports to discuss the ever-changing nature of “correct” English and how we decided what was correct and what was HORRIBLY TERRIBLY WRONG, anyway. Considering the recent loss of “literally” to the non-literal masses, I figured it might be interesting to see how else we’ve destroyed the language over the years. πŸ™‚

Also, how do you like that Christmas tree we’ve got up? There are about four ornaments and ten lights on it, which is not really enough, but I figure we’ve got a month to make it look a little nicer!

3 thoughts on “Six more reasons to keep me away from cataloging!

  1. Alison says:

    Isn't it a cutie? It took the husband about ten minutes to put it all together, not counting the time spent dropping one of the ornaments, breaking it, and super-gluing it back together. πŸ™‚

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