What I Learned This Fortnight

It’s amazing what getting more hours at work does to your free time… even though I only work three more hours in a day, I feel like I only have time to work, eat, and sleep. I will try to fix this! In the meantime, here are some things I’ve discovered while cataloging, some of which will only make sense to fellow library science-ers.

1. There are a lot of romance novels, but there are not a lot of romance-novel titles.

2. Children’s books like to come with doodads, like flash cards, temporary tattoos, and 3-D glasses.

3. My definition, the Library of Congress’s definition, and my library’s definition of “biography” are just different enough to annoy the crap out of me.

4. Libraries are strangely resistant to change, even when the work part of it is done by someone else.

5. Relatedly: libraries should never make cataloging changes, because I don’t wanna do all the work!

6. Also relatedly: My library system apparently needs to own 40+ copies of every picture book ever written.

7. If you ask a cataloger a question for which you think there is only one right answer, you will end up with two catalogers debating the question for half an hour.

7a. You will have no answer at the end of this.

8. If you ask a cataloger a question for which you think there are multiple possible answers, you will get a strange look, a quick answer, and a “duh.”

9. $v Blogs. This is a valid form subdivision. I love the future.

10. The cataloging process is not too different from, but far more fun than, putting stickers on books.

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