Musing Mondays — Reading Nooks

Today’s Musing Mondays question is… “Where is your favorite place to read?”

Well. Hmm. When it’s nice outside (read: below 90 degrees [read: not now!]), I like to go hang out on my balcony, pictured here. Those chairs are surprisingly comfy.

But when it’s like now, and the only safe place is indoors, I spend most of my time reading on the big leather couch in our living room. And then I have a nap on it. It’s a pretty good deal, that. What’s most fun is when Scott is playing video games on the TV and I can cuddle up with him while we’re each doing our thing. That’s really my favorite!

Strangely enough, the place where I do the most reading is my least favorite, because that’s at work! I listen to all my audiobooks there, which sometimes takes quite a while because someone will make a super loud and prolonged noise and I’ll have to just give up on trying to hear my book over it and instead wait and rewind back to where I think I was. Which is sometimes nowhere near where I actually was. Which is unfortunate, unless the book is really good, in which case it’s just a second helping!

4 thoughts on “Musing Mondays — Reading Nooks

  1. reviewsbylola says:

    Sometimes I read on the couch too while my husband plays video games! Some nights that's the only way we spend time together, but it works, because we are both doing something we love.

  2. Beth Hatch says:

    Oh my kingdom for a nook. My favorite place USED to be the Wick Poetry room at Kent State in the English building. It was a little tiny room with low light, tons of shelves filled with poetry books, and no one knew about but me (I'm pretty sure). Right now, I read in bed. No, its not my favorite place — I would rather be reading on the beach with the waves crashing in the background and getting a tan.

  3. Alison says:

    Haha, Beth, I would SO rather be reading on the beach, except right now our beach is covered in dead jellyfish, ew! The only problem with the beach is that I keep losing track of time while reading and I end up sunburned — I should invest in a beach umbrella, maybe.

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