The Book of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha

So I started reading this book waaaay back in January, and then got distracted by work and audiobooks and never managed to make it back to the book until I got that irksome little notice I get so often that says, “Hey, you. Yes, you. Stop hoarding library books. No, you can’t renew it. Yes, I want it back in three days. Get on that.”

I couldn’t rescue the other three books mentioned in the notice… sigh… but since I was quite close to finishing this I zoomed through it, sneaking the last bit during a slow time at work. Don’t tell my boss. 🙂

So. This here book is based on the website 1000 Awesome Things, which, in looking up that link, I discover is ready to become a second book, there are so many awesome things in the world. I can get behind that.

And that’s what the book is — it’s basically an annotated list of things that make life awesome, from old friends like finding money in your pocket and getting a snow day to things I hadn’t realized were awesome until I read them and thought, “Hey, that is awesome,” like that first scoop of peanut butter in the jar and the feeling of new socks fresh out of the package. Dude, awesome.

Some of the entries are really short, some go on a few pages, the entry on silence is, well, blank. It’s not really a sit-down-and-read-this-in-one-go book, though obviously you can, but more of a book to reach for when you need a reminder of awesomeness. And it is awesome.

Recommendation: Not for people who have a problem with the word “awesome,” which makes up probably 20% of the book’s words (possibly an exaggeration). Otherwise, for everyone!

Rating: 9/10
(A to Z Challenge)