Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, by Bryan Lee O’Malley

So. The movie version of this series came out a while ago, and I was intrigued but not movie-going-money intrigued, but my brother was like “OMGSCOTTPILGRIM” and so I decided to get the first book and see what it was about. Of course, the queue for it at the library was forever long, so it took me like a month or two to get it, and by then I wasn’t really super-interested anymore, but then last week I realized it was due back at the library the day after I looked that information up, so I figured I’d read it.

And boy, am I glad it was short, both because I was able to finish it before it had to go back and because I didn’t really like it. Now my brother is going to complain at me.

But… really. There’s this kid… well, I say kid, but he’s 23 and I’m pretty much that old too, so whatever. This kid, Scott Pilgrim, and he’s dating some high-school chick, and he has a band, but then some girl starts entering his dreams, like LITERALLY, and then he meets her and he likes her but he has to fight her evil ex-boyfriends first but that’s okay because Scott’s the best fighter in Ontario which we find out when he’s fighting the first ex and also there’s some musical-style choreographed backup dancing fighting something….

That’s pretty much the entire story. Sorry for spoiling it for you? But I’m still very very baffled. I think this might actually be something I’d like more if I could watch it. Onto Netflix this movie goes!

Recommendation: Good for people who don’t need any of that fancy “logic” stuff interrupting their story. Also people who are rock-band-y nerds, I think.

Rating: 5/10
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