The Carnivorous Carnival, by Lemony Snicket

The last of the Unfortunate Events this time around. Not sure when we’ll be moving on, but there are only four to go! We will make it!

In this adventure, the Baudelaires have hopped in Count Olaf’s trunk after the burning of Heimlich Hospital, figuring that Olaf is good at evading the law and also knows something about their potentially living parent, so who better to follow than the guy who wants to kill 2/3 of them? Oh dear. In an ironic twist, the Baudelaires disguise themselves as carnival workers and pass undetected even right under the nose of Olaf himself. For a while.

So this one I like a heck of a lot better than The Hostile Hospital, largely because it makes me happy to know that Count Olaf is an idiot. The big thing is the not seeing through the Baudelaire’s disguises, because come on, but also it turns out that Olaf has been seeing a psychic to find out where the Baudelaires have been hiding from him, but of course she’s not actually psychic and is using things like newspapers to find the children. I would say that Olaf might be illiterate, but he did write a play that one time… nope. Just a lazy idiot. I would hate to think that a smart person was so evil.

Recommendation: Tim Curry. Precocious children. Violence and sloppy eating. How can you go wrong?

Rating: 8/10
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