Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge

This here is an excellent challenge for me, as I have been greatly neglecting the vintage mysteries as of late, except that one time that my book club read Gaudy Night and it was awesome. Definitely absolutely have to read more of these!

Here are the important rules:

*All books must have been written before 1960 and be from the mystery category.

*Challenge runs from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011. Sign up any time between now and November 30, 2011.

*No matter what level you choose, please try at least two different vintage authors.

*The best part? A prize for everyone who completes their challenge. Once you declare your challenge level…you are locked in for that number of books. But you may change your list of books at any time. Let me know when you have met your challenge goal and I will send you a list of prizes (books) to choose from. Of course, the earlier you finish, the longer the list of books will be.

Challenge Levels:

In a Murderous Mood: 4-6 Books
Get a Clue: 7-9 Books
Hot on the Trail: 10-12 Books
Capture the Criminal: 13-15 Books
Take ‘Em to Trial: 16+ Books


The Golden Age Girls*: Read 5-7 books from female authors from the vintage years
Cherchez Le Homme: Read 5-7 books from male authors from the vintage years

Oh my! Okay, so. I really need to read more vintage mysteries, but considering how many challenges I am planning on participating in (no, really, prepare to see many more of these posts in the soon-time) and how I failed two already this year and am about to fail a third, I am going to stick with the “Murderous Mood” level, and it will probably also be a “Golden Age Girls” challenge, as my plan is to bust out the Christie and Sayers, whom I adore.

I am really excited about this! Must hit up the local used books store!

1. Five Red Herrings, by Dorothy Sayers (Review)
2. Dead Man’s Folly, by Agatha Christie (Review)
3. Whose Body?, by Dorothy Sayers (Review)
4. Death of a Fool, by Ngaio Marsh (Review)
5. Overture to Death, by Ngaio Marsh (on audio) (Review)
6. Black Plumes, by Margery Allingham (Review)

7 thoughts on “Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge

  1. Bev Hankins says:

    Welcome to the Vintage Mystery Challenge! I'm very excited that so many people are signing up for this–especially since it's my first try at sponsoring a challenge. I hope you have fun!

  2. wispofacloud says:

    never heard of her? Oh my. Well, to be honest I haven't read a whole book by her, but I have watched the Inspector Alleyn mysteries that aired on pbs. They are on two DVD sets now. Awesome! I just requested the first 2 books now, so I will most definitely be reading her soon. She was from New Zealand, and a contemporary of Agatha. She was also a Dame too!

    PS: why is this saying Zealand is not spelled right?

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