Booking Through Thursday — Borrowing

Today’s Booking Through Thursday asks… “Who would you rather borrow from? Your library? Or a Friend? (Or don’t your friends trust you to return their books?) And, DO you return books you borrow?”

That’s a lot of questions! First, I tend to prefer borrowing from the library, because even though the library lets me keep things for a while it eventually wants them back or I have to start paying some serious fines (it’s $0.20 per day, here!). With friends, there’s usually not a set date for returning books except “as soon as you’re done”… and so unless the book is something I am already interested in reading (like Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, which I read the day I borrowed it), that might take a while.

Second, I’m pretty sure my friends trust me not to, like, lose their books or burn them or something, but I think they know it’s going to take me a while to return them. 🙂 I know that’s how it is with books I’ve lent out, one of which I have been itching to read and am thisclose to checking out of the library. And third, of course I return them! I want mine back, so my friends get theirs back. Just sometimes it takes a while. Like how I’m returning a tape next weekend that my friend lent me… a long time ago. I would say possibly two years. And that I still haven’t watched, but can no longer even attempt to do so because we got rid of our VCR. But I have kept diligent track of it, so I think that counts for something!

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