Y: The Last Man Book 3, by Brian K. Vaughan

More Yorick! Good times! Well, good for me. Not Yorick. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Let’s see, who’s a player in this book? We’re still following Yorick, his monkey Ampersand, 355, and Dr. Mann on their journey to California. But there’s a quick detour in Kansas when a terribly accented Russian shows up ready to rescue some male astronauts (well, one is obviously a cosmonaut) on their Houston-unsupported return to Earth. Which would be going fine, except…

The strange Israeli army people are back, apparently following the orders of Yorick’s mother who thinks that 355 is going to do something terrible to Yorick… or something. It’s not terribly clear. What is clear is that the Israelis’ leader is bent on kidnapping Yorick for herself… not like that. Maybe like that? Okay, not as clear as I thought.

Who else, who else… there are some geneticists, which is cool. Oh! Right! And a troupe of actors who stage a play about the last man on Earth, make meta-commentary on this series (“If there’s one thing I hate, it’s crappy works of fiction that try to sound important by stealing names from the Bard”), introduce me to a work by Mary Shelley called The Last Man (which is on my TBR pile effective immediately), and piss off a bunch of Kansas ladies who really just wanted someone to continue their stories (you know, soap operas) for them.

OH. And then there is someone called Toyota who for some reason wants Ampersand. I imagine that will come back again quickly.

So all in all the series remains on a high level of ridiculousness tempered by an intriguing question and some fine illustration.

Recommendation: Yeah, you should probably pick up this series. It’s pretty cool.

Rating: 8/10
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