Books That Followed Me Home

As noted in yesterday’s post, I’m trying out a couple of things I might do for my library’s blog, to help people find new books to read. Yesterday I did books that intrigued me but stayed on the shelf, today I’m looking at the books that have a new shelf home for the next six weeks.

Goodness knows I have plenty of books to read at home. Most of them are library books, and most of those find their way onto my shelf because I’ve heard good things about them from a friend or the Internet (which can often be a friend in these situations!). But sometimes during my volunteer shift, or after, when I’m wandering around the browsing area, something catches my eye and I know it’s coming home with me. Here’s what followed me out the library door this week; they’re mine for now but they’ll be back soon!

In the Shadow of Gotham, by Stefanie Pintoff
It was actually the sequel to this book, called A Curtain Falls, that caught my eye, with a dead chorus girl on a Broadway stage and a hint of a ferry disaster. But then I noticed that it was a sequel, and I set off in search of the first book, because I like reading things in order. Luckily, Gotham is no less intriguing, with the book jacket offering a murder taking place in the victim’s own bedroom, in the middle of the day. And the victim is a math student at university, which promises some scholarly intrigue. It’s also set at the turn of the 20th century, which means I can add some historical fiction to my sadly small pile of such.

The Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge, by Patricia Duncker
I played in bands and orchestras for a really long time, so I was drawn to the “composer” bit of this title, and one of the characters is in fact a musical composer. This is also a mystery novel, which I like, and it promises to interrogate faith, immortality, and passion, which I would like to see. And I really liked the cover. I’m not sure that this will be near the top of my reading list in the very near future, but I’m pretty sure I’ll like it when I do.

Killer, by Dave Zeltserman
An admission here — I wasn’t really interested in this book for its title or cover, and I probably would have passed it over entirely if I weren’t currently attempting to read a book for every letter of the alphabet using titles and authors. Z happens to be a toughie, so I really grabbed this only for the Zeltserman on the cover. But then I read over the back, and I perked up a bit. This book is about a Mafia hitman who turns state’s witness and is released from jail, only to find that, you know, it’s not paranoia if someone’s really out to get you. I read a book along the same lines last year and liked it, so I thought I’d give this one a shot.

The Caretaker of Lorne Field, by Dave Zeltserman
Zeltserman strikes again! This one grabbed me with its blurb from NPR: “There’s a new name to add to the pantheon of the sons and daughters of Cain: Dave Zeltserman.” I recently read through a few of Cain’s best-known novels and I liked them a lot, so I checked out the jacket flap on this book. It promises a slightly different feel than Killer — here we have a caretaker who wants to leave his job, but has to wait (for an unclear reason) until his son is able to take over for him. That’s not terribly exciting, but this is: “[If] the field is left untended, a horrific monster called an Aukowie will grow — a monster capable of taking over the entirety of America in just two weeks. Or so it is said…” That’s a little creepy. I like it. I might read this one first!

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