Faithful Place, by Tana French

And finally, we get to the new book! I have been very excited for this book ever since I heard it was coming out, which was maybe not that long ago, but still! And I got it from the library the first day I could, but I was all busy with reading other books and it took me like A WEEK before I could read it. The travesty!

Maybe it was all that excitement from the first paragraph, or maybe it’s because I got myself all worked up by reading the previous two books first, but I felt rather let down by this installment. 😦 No, I know what it was… French’s books have always been more character-driven than mystery-driven, but this book pretty much threw away the mystery story in favor of an in-depth look into Frank Mackey, who I didn’t care much about in the first place. Sigh.

The mystery, what it is, is first that a suitcase shows up in Mackey’s family’s neighborhood, and it belongs to the girl he meant to run away to England with many years ago. She never showed, but Mackey went off anyway and never went home… until this suitcase thing. It quickly turns out that his girl, Rosie, is dead under some concrete in a dilapidated building, and then before you can wrap your head around that Mackey’s brother ends up dead, having fallen out of a window in some manner or other. Mackey, being Mackey, goes off to do his investigating while being bombarded on all sides by family and history.

It’s interesting, sure, but I’d gotten used to hearing about French’s characters in bits and pieces and anecdotes, not all at once, and because there’s so much focus on Mackey’s history the mystery part of the book falls flat. I wouldn’t tell you not to read this book, but I would personally rather go read In the Woods again first.

Rating: 7/10
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One thought on “Faithful Place, by Tana French

  1. trish says:

    It's interesting you mentioned preferring In the Woods over Faithful Place, because I feel the opposite. I thought In the Woods was good, not great, and I really feel with The Likeness and Faithful Place that Tana French has hit her stride. But that's one thing that I love about reading, that books speak to people in different ways. 🙂

    So glad you're a fellow French fan!

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