My new library relationship

So I moved to Florida recently, and the first thing I did after getting my driver’s license was head over to the library and get a library card, as one does when one is a NERD. Sigh. Even better, the library I went to turned out not to be the closest library to me, so I was compelled to head over to my neighborhood library just a couple of days later. And then I went back today. I now have a pile of eight books (after returning two today) on my counter. It’s just like old times!

What’s weird is how spoiled I was in Ohio without even realizing it. That’s not saying that my new libraries are bad, not at all, and in fact I’m a bit in love with the downtown library, which I visited back in April. But I am just not used to branch libraries, with their more limited collections and smaller staffs. Both of the libraries I frequented in Ohio were main libraries, and my practicum library in particular had a large and wonderful collection, especially of the audiobooks I learned to love on my long commute.

But, I mean, I checked six books out today. And I’ve got holds on the ones I can’t find in the library. So it’s not like I’m deprived or anything.

Aaaaaand, I could walk to this library in about the time it took me to walk to class in undergrad. I declare this an excellent improvement. Now to read!

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