Death Note Vol. 2, by Tsugumi Ohba

Oh, here’s that review I promised you! After reading Volume 1 for class, I’ve kind of gotten addicted.

So. Light still has the Death Note, he’s still killing people for reasons he thinks are good and the police think are bad. Cool. Unfortunately for the police, Light has found out that a bunch of American FBI peeps are hanging around Japan, looking for him. So he decides that these guys are going to have to be written down as well. This is a bit of an ethical stretch, of course, but Light is very good at rationalizing. He is also quite good at sizing people up and manipulating them, as we get to see in this book when Light is all, “Oh, you see, I’m doing things like this just to make L think that I think in this certain way, but also there’s some reverse psychology in there too, and some of this I’m just doing for funsies to trip L up.” It’s a bit confusing and twitch-inducing, but it works.

I enjoyed it, and I’m on to the next one now.

Rating: 8/10
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