Booking Through Thursday — Podcasts

Today’s Booking Through Thursday question is, “Do you ever listen to book-related podcasts? If so, which ones and why?”

I am not really a podcast person. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before (in reference to audiobooks) that I’m really good at listening to things when I’m sitting in bed or driving my car, but if I have anything else I could possibly be doing I will try to multitask and then that listening thing goes right out the window. I do love it when the various NPR talk shows have their “summer reading” shows, and I will do my best to listen to them, but I’m not one for seeking out an hour’s worth of stuff to listen to.

Of course, since I’m doing my library practicum right now, I should pimp out my host library’s podcast, called ABC Book Reviews. My supervisor and another librarian talk about books on a monthly-ish basis, and I even joined in once, long ago — you can hear my voice briefly on the Neil Gaiman podcast. I haven’t listened to it, so don’t tell me how terrible I sound!

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