On the Move

I am such a bad blog-mommy this week. I’ve got a bunch of books I’ve read but not yet reviewed, because I’ve spent the last week working, finishing my final projects for my final grad school classes, and packing up my house to move. Right now I am in Jacksonville, Florida, hanging out in the new apartment that is thisclose to being officially unpacked and getting ready to head back up to Cleveland to finish my practicum and grad assistant job and then graduate!

I love the new apartment, even though it feels incredibly tiny after our house… I think we downsized by about 500 square feet of living space, plus another 600 or so square feet of basement space. There is still a lot of junk in Cleveland that I’m going to have to get rid of!

Since we’re not yet cleaned up from the move, I will spare you pictures of the scary mountains of boxes, but I will show you the important book related items!

The bookshelf:
This is my triumph (I’m making a note here: huge success). Our books used to hang out on three bookshelves — this one and two others that were maybe a little smaller — and in closets, and on the floor… I spent a day or two going through every book and picking out the ones that I loved and wanted to keep or hadn’t read but planned to, and that’s what stayed. I didn’t measure the books or anything, so I am pleased and amazed that they fit so well on this shelf! Off to the side there is a peek at our board game shelf, which I will miss back in Cleveland!

My reading corner:
This sunroom area is one of the major reasons we decided to get this apartment. The only thing in it right now is this really comfy chair and a lamp, and I plan to spend many unemployed hours reading books and enjoying the sunlight from the safety of air conditioning. It gets hot in Jacksonville!

Okay, now the hubby is declaring it “put lots of nails in the wall ’cause we’ve got artwork to put up!” time, so I am off! Perhaps more pictures when we are done!

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