Meanwhile, by Jason Shiga

Oh, what a delightful book! I loved Choose Your Own Adventure stories as a kid, and I quite enjoyed Shiga’s Bookhunter when I read it last summer, so when I found out that Shiga had written and illustrated a graphic Choose Your Own Adventure-style book? Yeah, that went right on my library holds list.

But then I did something silly and jumped right into the story, failing right away by wanting vanilla ice cream and then finally getting on sort of the right track only to be completely stumped by the fact that I had gotten stuck at a place where I apparently needed to enter a code, and where the heck was I supposed to find this code? I went through a few story routes trying to find it, and then just tried to brute force my way through the many many wrong answers to find the right one, and then I just gave up. But I showed the book to Scott and told him he should look at the pretty pictures and maybe try to figure it out. And he did. Easily. Because he read the instructions at the beginning. Do we see who is the man in this relationship? -sigh-

So I went back through, and once I knew what I was meant to be doing the story played out quickly and easily and also very very creepily, when you think about it, which you will after you go find this book and read it. And Shiga knows all about your COYA cheating ways, so there’s a page that has nothing to do with anything thrown into the middle of the book, and even a page that has something to do with something that you can only get to if a) you’re like Scott and you get two pages stuck together while flipping through or b) you’re a cheater face and you’re looking for something and you find this something instead of the correct something.

Oh, and there’s quantum physics, which is always a good time, right? Right? No? Just me? Ah, well.

Rating: 8/10
(Countdown Challenge: 2010, Support Your Local Library Challenge)

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